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Around 2002, I came up with an idea: Create a new weapon, one that does not kill people, or destroy properties. Yet, it is powerful enough to get the enemy think twice before messing with you again.

I called it, the S-Bomb. 'S' is short for 'Shit'.

Well, the idea is to gather human waste, fill it into a rocket, and launch it. The rocket explodes in the air, and the waste spreads. It could also be catapulted over medium distances using a simple traditional catapult, or even filled in bottles for close combat.

This S-bomb solves a lot of problems, especially in areas of deep conflict between people and their government, or between a nation with limited weaponry versus another with very sophisticated high tech and heavy weaponry.

Supply for the S-Bomb is infinite. I even did a research, and found out that many countries sell their "human waste" in the black market, as it is very hard to get rid of.

Well, this was just an idea that I tripped on for a while and then forgot about it.

Fast forward to May 2017, I was SHOCKED to see the below news article:

Venezuelans throw improvised 'poopootov' cocktails at police in latest protest

What the hell?? they did it!!! Can you imagine?? Same idea, on the other side of the planet, these people went through the same thinking that I have been through 15 years ago!

This triggered me to create a blog, where I would share with everyone couple of creative ideas I had over the years, in the hope of meeting like minded people, and end up doing something about it. Creative ideas are welcomed to be posted on this blog! just mail me on

Enjoy the blog!

Creativity Sparks Innovation!

Joseph Noujaim

Founder of

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