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RELIEVED: A Psychology Network, for patients and psychologists


Would you dare telling anyone that you need to see a shrink? Well, where I am from, saying these words mean only one thing: You’re crazy!

Yet, seeing a shrink helps you solve many issues... Watch the “Billionaire” series on Showtime / Amazon Prime, I assure that after this series, you will want to have a shrink, and a damn good one!

I had long thoughts about this issue, especially after meeting and discussing with highly specialized psychologists, and came up with an interesting solution! A solution that will ease the process of reaching a psychologist, without having to publicly ask for one, or be seen in a waiting room! It’s a good start!

I called this: RELIEVED


RELIEVED is a psychology platform, linking psychologists and patients through a cloud-based solution. The business model is simple and amazing.

Check the below movie to get an idea about the concept.

Check also the presentation to go through the experience step by step.


Creativity Sparks Innovation!

Joseph Noujaim

Founder of

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